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Pat the Dog and Kill the Parents: A book of professional writing secrets, for young people

Do you love to write? Or do you know a young person who does?

Pat the Dog and Kill the Parents is not your average how-to book.

Award-winning novelist and creative writing teacher, Bryony Pearce, believes that enthusiastic young writers deserve to know the professional writing secrets that will enable them to write like their favourite authors. She has written a book that is accessible, funny and filled with practical advice that your young writers won't find in school. What is 'pat the dog'? Why kill the parents? What about show not tell? The window? The gap?

You don't have to be young to enjoy this book, all are welcome. Come in and learn how to build great characters, how to construct a fantastic story, how to write like a professional and how to get a publisher. So why not grab a pen and paper and some snack and get started on your journey to become a great writer.

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Pat the Dog and Kill the Parents