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It is EPIC and you will LOVE IT!

Echoes of The Troop and even Lord of the Flies ... I had a blast reading it.

Made me sleep with the light on!

A highly entertaining, all-out action, YA horror. A gothic rampage set in an urban fantasy slipstream.

I loved it! The age of junk punk has arrived!

Superb, heart-rending and really chilling

Ghosts, disturbing secret societies and Egyptian curses, oh my!

A mind-bendingly brilliant odyssey!

I was swept away by this epic adventure across a savage landscape. Utterly breathtaking!

For any young person who wants to learn how to write like a professional!

Available for school visits (on and offline), festivals and events.

Awards: Leeds Book Award, Cheshire Schools Book Award, Wirral Book Award, Undiscovered Voices 2008, SFW Awards: Best SFW Author 2022